Gaming Laptops That Offer Power and Speed

Gaming Laptops That Offer Power and Speed

Are you in your 30s or 40s and remember the good old days of blowing into your Nintendo cartridges in an attempt to get them to work? Remember when the Super Nintendo came out and how much better the graphics looked? Do you remember Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer? I am going to review the FC Twin Video Game System which plays both NES and SNES games.

The new gaming systems such as Wii, Xbox, and PlayStation produce incredible graphics but there is something to be said for the systems that paved the way for these new units. I like the fact that someone who has never played Tecmo Bowl (most people probably have) can pick up a controller and figure it out in a matter of minutes.

I have owned this unit for several years and have played many games from each system. Overall, the FC Twin works pretty well, but it does have its glitches.

Some of the negative aspects of the FC Twin:

It is not compatible with all NES and SNES games but does play most of them.

The music on some games might be distorted.

The controllers that are included are cheap feeling and have a very short cord.

When taking out a NES game, the free credit 918 console keeps a tight grip on the cartridge meaning you have to yank it out with force.

I have noticed on some NES games that the down directional button doesn’t always work correctly. For example, on Super Mario Bros. 3 when you are trying to slide down a hill by pressing down on the D pad, it doesn’t always work.

The console is a little touchy. Bump it too hard and it will freeze your game causing you to hit the reset button.

Positives about the FC Twin:

SNES games look and play like they do on the original systems (at least the games I have played).

It saves space instead of having to buy two consoles.

You can ditch the cheap controllers and use the original SNES controllers which are of higher quality.

Price. It is cheaper than buying two consoles.

So who does this system appeal to? If you like to go back in time, and relive memories of your youth, then this is the system for you. The FC Twin will be a good fit if you are a casual player that doesn’t need every single game and function to work. I think it is convenient having a small compact system that plays both types of games. This console is a little quirky but is functional. Maybe the newer versions have worked out some of the bugs. The FC Twin makes for a great birthday or Christmas gift for someone in their 30s or 40s who fondly remember staying up all night playing Nintendo!